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ARI Award - FEP Program Cost Benefit Analysis (2019)

We partner with organizations to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of their programs. We meet our clients at their evaluation need; from evaluability assessments to impact evaluations. We work with our program partners to provide them with the support they need in the most respectful and culturally competent manner. Our staff has years of experience working as consultants for various local, national and international organizations and can assist with the implementation and monitoring of evidenced-based practices to discover the answers to the evaluation questions being asked.

  • We believe in using the evaluation results and empowerment evaluation, and we use these frameworks as needed.


  • We believe that the evaluation data should be used not only to determine the outcome, but also to produce meaningful changes during program implementation, and/or during its operation.


  • We believe that the evaluation data should be available as it is being generated, and should be used to help the program stakeholders make decisions that will lead to program improvement.




Research Design Methods


Data Analysis using Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed methods


Visualization of Evaluation Results


Data Reporting