Outcome evaluation using R. Statistical analysis that are more commonly used in program evaluation and how to conduct them using free statistical software R

Trauma Resilience Youth Program Demographics / Service charts

Arapahoe County Diverts the Mentally Ill for Treatment (ADMIT) Program

Value of ADMIT program infographic

Hope Health and Wellness blood pressure grant infographic

Benefits of Integrated Care infographic

A supportive wraparound program developed for youth and young adults who have experienced or continue to experience their first episode of psychosis

A self-reported instrument to asses multiple areas associated with one's ability to successfully live independently, the CTR is completed upon program entry and again at program exit. All of the domains listed, except for "Empowerment" showed evidence of improvement over the course of participation in the Veteran's Home program

First Episode Psychosis program Cost Benefit Analysis overview

There is limited knowledge on the effectiveness of incorporating health navigators in the treatment of trauma among asylum seeking, refugee, and immigrant children and youth. Research has shown health navigators to be helpful in assisting newly arriving adult refugees get appropriate access to care and resettled refugees overcome mental health and acculturation issues

Utilizing Health Navigators in Addressing Trauma Among Refugee Children and Youth

Sewall Annual report 2022