What We Believe?

Culturally Sensitive

ARI’s evaluation frameworks take into account the diversity in cultural, ethnic, gender, and social backgrounds. We currently serve clients from Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties and the city of Aurora that proudly speaks a total of 133 different languages and is listed as the third most diverse city in the United States. Our evaluation designs and implementations thus consider the cultural context of the populations we serve. We acknowledge and adapt our evaluations to every cultural, ethnic, and gender context. Because we are all members of the American Evaluation Association (AEA), our evaluations adhere to the American Evaluation Association’s Guiding Principles.


ARI believes in the importance of including the stakeholders in every stage of the evaluation process. ARI’s goal is to work with its partners in the evaluation design and development and lead partners in their own evaluation practices. Our intention is to empower our partners to make the critical decisions themselves and only provide as much support as they need. Our team will work as your guides in your program evaluation’s journey and help in selecting an evaluation design, deciding how to monitor and track your progress, create your own instruments (when needed), and finally analyze and visualize your own data. This collaboration between our parties will generate the information you need to create useful results that can lead to future improvements in your program.

Improvement Oriented/Vested Interest

ARI is on your side. We want your program to succeed. We want to highlight your success to your stakeholders and demonstrate what makes the work you do important to your community. We will be the muscle that you need to convince those around you that you are providing a meaningful service.


We value and respect the diversity of the programs and their stakeholders. We pride ourselves on being an international team with different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Mixing our various backgrounds and experiences together we are able to materialize a diverse perspective. Making sure that we have extensive resources and connections to draw upon to make your evaluation work for you.

Evaluative Thinking Practice

Trained in program evaluation, research design, quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods, our work is always founded on proven research methods to deliver you the results you need. We follow the ideas of evaluative thinking by encouraging clarity in goals and purposes, intentional, accountable, systematic data collection and analyses, and emphasizing rigorous and critical thinking.